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It’s not about winning, it’s about playing.
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FAQ Page

How to join the tournament?

  • Tournament Rank is for Iron – Gold
  • Registration is FREE, just follow and share lang this video.
  • VP point prices will be loaded to the account registered.
Registration form: https://forms.gle/66fRnSB8pzZNnjtw5

What if we want to have a 6th reserve player?

You can add one reserve player, just contact Blackbeard: http://m.me/blackbeard314

What if a smurfer is detected?

Once we identified a smufer in the mini-tournament, we will automatically disqualify the team.

What is the Prize

The prize pool will be Valorant points for the Bungler mini-tournament. VP will be loaded automatically in the registered accounts.

Can we change our team member?

You can change any team member as long as the tournament has not yet started. But once the tournament is already in play, roster change is not allowed.